Salam ku beri pembuka hari

Thursday, April 22, 2010


this week, full of exam.. everyone study.. in library, in room, in sea, in food-court, all places.. but, i don't know why I cannot study like them.. every time I see them, I always ask myself " why we must study??..can't we just relax or just enjoy our life??".. but when I think back, how we can enjoy our life if our life less of education, because with education, we can get a job, and when we got job, we get salary, so, we can enjoy only if we have money.. now, we live in modern world, demand of money are very high.. so, I want or I don't, I must study.. maybe not like them, I should use my own way to study.. if I follow them, I will stress.. because I cannot faster pick up somethings like them.. argghh..!! I feel badly.. I can say something to advice myself, but I never do what I say.. I'm very.................................................... owh, do no what to say ;(