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Friday, February 12, 2010

'FUTURE' Husband that I dreams....>>>

LITTLE EXAMPLE ( that picture )
Everyone have imagine the future husband right?? eventhough have never couple yet before. hehe.. don't lie yourself,okeyh.. as a people, especially girls for our age right now has had imagine future time, with lovely future husband.. don't lie.. haha.. I know because i'm feel like that too and also all my friends.. although for only 5 or 10 seconds, you still imagine right??.. okeyh, I started my characteristics first about my "future" husband.. firstly, he is ISLAM.. that's very important.. secondly,have education.. with education, our life with "future" husband will be bright.. hehe.. thirdly, good looking.. if not handsome but cute,is ok.. if not cute but handsome, is ok.. if not handsome and not cute, is ok if his sweet looking.. hehe.. so, has 'not' and 'but' too.. actually I like boys whose wearing a spek, bright skin, have soft hair, tall but not too tall.. and i want a caring person, responsibilities person, funny person, and always smile person.. last but not least I want my "future" husband is very understanding person.. maybe only this my imagine, maybe it can change anytime.. haha..

" BEST Friends "

This is the picture of my lovely best friends with me.. her name is Nur Izzati Atiqi.. Now,she study at Kolej Matrikulasi at Segamat.. she is very nice person, friendly, and now she is very funny person.. eventhough now, we not always meet, but she never forget me ( is just what I think) and me too.. but not only Izzati is my best friends, but Noor Azeezah and Siti Nur Yasmin is my best friends too.. i have no pictures with them, because they shy to take any pictures.. hehee.. Azeezah now study at UiTM Alor Gajah, and Yasmin now study at UiTM Seri Iskandar.. we meet only when sem break, because our weekend is not same, sO we cann't meet at weekend day's.. I hope our friendship are never die,OK..

This is a nice picture I think. I snap this picture when we all go to Masjid Kristal. All look happy right?? I'm happy too that's time. From left to the right is Ummu, Kak Hani ("kak" because she is older one year from we all), Ain, Khal, Akmal, Weha, Fatin, Tiqa and Najmi. We all are student in part 2, class A (BMD2IA) of Diploma in Investment Analysis (DIIA) at UiTM Dungun, Terengganu (UiTMT),but this only half of our class.